Howard's is located in downtown Bowling Green, Ohio. It has been the premier venue for live music in northwest Ohio for over 4 decades by booking the very best national, regional and local music. The bar hosts shows every Friday and Saturday night, as well as FREE Karaoke every Tuesday and  a FREE Open Mic Night every Thursday. It may host special concerts and events on other nights as well.

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Angela Perley  Feb 22. tickets at the door

  1. Howard's!
  2. Matt Truman Ego Trip
    Matt Truman Ego Trip
  3. LOGO
  4. Getting Out Alive
    Getting Out Alive
  5. Stage Old Lighting
    Stage Old Lighting
  6. Old Photo of Howard's
    Old Photo of Howard's
    Howard's circa 1973, at 210 N Main.
  7. Panorama Stage Side
    Panorama Stage Side
  8. Old Pic
    Old Pic
  9. Hot Love
    Hot Love
  10. T-shirt
    New Era Club H t-shirt designed by Dave Shannon
    Sublime Tribute Band
  12. Indian Opinion
    Indian Opinion
  13. Alien Ant Farm
    Alien Ant Farm
  14. Tony Duda Wall Mural
    Tony Duda Wall Mural
  15. Tony Duda Wall Mural
    Tony Duda Wall Mural
  16. Corduroy Road
    Corduroy Road
  17. Dooley Wilson
    Dooley Wilson
  18. Mark Mikel
    Mark Mikel
    History made as Mark Mikel does tribute to David Bowie
  19. Old Howard's location
    Old Howard's location
  20. Old Howard's photo
    Old Howard's photo
  21. Old Howard's
    Old Howard's
  22. Willie Dixon
    Willie Dixon
    Willie Dixon in the Howard's office. photo courtesy of Tom Lambert
  23. Original Howard's
    Original Howard's
    Howard's original location where the Public Library now sits.
  24. Dishop Datsun
    Dishop Datsun
    Old photo of the Howard's building.
  25. Old Crowd Pic
    Old Crowd Pic
  26. Indian Opinion
    Indian Opinion
  27. Tree No Leaves
    Tree No Leaves
  28. J.B. Hutto
    J.B. Hutto
    Blues Legend J.B. Hutto! -photo courtesy of Tom Lambert
  29. The Casket Company
    The Casket Company
  30. The Welders
    The Welders
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